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Keeping our promises
We pride ourselves in ethical relationships and business, and we'll work to serve you and your business with respect.
  • We are uncompromising on issues of integrity, ethics, and client confidentiality.

  • A problem should always be analyzed from the client's perspective; we should always determine and pursue the client's goal, not our goal; and a problem is not solved until it is resolved to the client's satisfaction.

  • The primary measure of success is client satisfaction.

  • Every member of a client's organization is a client.

  • A client should never have to inquire about the status of a matter.

  • Every task will have a deadline and will be completed before that deadline.

  • Every telephone message from clients will be returned on the day it is received; preferably within a few hours.

  • Clients should understand and agree to the basis for our fees before we begin to represent them, our statements for legal services should be clear and informative, and no client should be dissatisfied with our charges.

  • We will continually re-educate ourselves to benefit our clients by being aware of and understanding changes in the law and by maximizing the efficient use of technology.

  • These are firm-wide and individual standards. We will help and encourage each other to meet these standards.

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